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A Taste of the Eastern Mediterranean

This Greek style lemon chicken combines boneless and skinless chicken thighs with a simple marinade of lemon, garlic, olive oil and oregano. Chicken thighs are a freezer staple in our house, as they are versatile, inexpensive and do not dry out during cooking.  To accompany them are two dishes with flavors redolent of the eastern […]

Spiced Chicken with Honey Thyme Butter
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October Spice is Not All About Pumpkins

The spiciness of a dish is commonly judged to be the amount of palate-searing, eye watering pain inflicted by ingesting certain members of the chili family. If you are a fan of the “hotter is better” crowd, you can reference the Scoville chart, a points system that rates the pungency of every thing from the […]