Author: Alison Boyd

mint ice cream

Local Mint to the Rescue!

Five years ago, I received an ice cream maker as a gift. A simple affair, with a removable drum that you place in your freezer until you are ready to churn a fresh batch. It languished in the closet for a few months, until the following June, when a bumper crop of mint inspired me […]


Sweetness to Guide the Lengthening Days

I know for sure that the season has changed when the spring sun hits my kitchen window for the first time in a year and the returning ospreys settle on their nest. The golden light streaming in and the joyous sounds of birdsong signal that the farm fields are also waking up, and over the […]


A Ragu to Warm Your January

The temperatures are bitter, and the post-holiday slump is real. If you are seeking an antidote to January, look no further than this hearty pasta dish. Lift your spirits with a savory sauce, redolent with rich lamb, red wine and rosemary. Serve over your favorite pasta, with a side of roasted radicchio, and a glass […]

Dessert, Pies, Thanksgiving

Finding Some Love for Pumpkin

Many years ago, when living in my native England, I decided to throw a Thanksgiving dinner. After compiling a guest list of assorted ex-pat Americans and a few other friends, I got to work on the menu. I knew there should be several types of pie and settled on pumpkin, pecan, and coconut custard. After […]

sept. pasta
Dinner, Pasta

Celebrate Tomatoes

Warm September days and cooler nights bring perfect conditions for ripening plum tomatoes. August was for boating, swimming, beach walks and pottering in the garden. Now is the time for processing and preserving the last of the summer as the heat slowly fades.  If you want enough preserved fruit to last the winter, canning is […]

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A Red, White & Blue Pavlova

“Please bring your Pavlova’, is the request I get from my hosts when I offer to contribute to their summer gatherings.  My signature seasonal confection hails from Australia, and features a rich, pillowy meringue base, with a crisp shell and a soft interior topped with cream and fruit. It was invented to honor the visit […]